‘Orange Is The New Black’ Cast Members Natasha Lyonne And Taryn Manning Reunite For ‘Funny Or Die’ Video

DNAinfo New York - 'Shock Jock' Makes Last-Minute Entry Into UWS City Council Race
Candidate Aaron Braunstein's name will appear on The Republican Ballot for COUNCILMAN in THE 6th DISTRICT.

Aaron Braunstein has, for forty years, been involved in The Professional Sports, Film Industry, TV, RADIO, Publishing, Media, PR, & Publicity Businesses,Theater, Broadway, Off Broadway, & Off Off Broadway. Every Investment Lafayette-Granite Professional Investments LLC decides,transparency will reign throughout. Additionally all of LGPI Partners are invited to Film Opening's, Theater Openings, Ringside Seating at all Professional Sporting events. Aaron Braunstein's 40 year track record is impeccable.

A 10% Commission will be paid by recommending clients, & Brokers.
You can now watch Aaron on Sunday Night at 12:30 am on Time Warner Cable channel 56
Aaron is acting again! He is in Abel Ferrara's new film "THE CHELSEA HOTEL" with Ethan Hawke. Abel has worked with the likes of Robert De Niro, Chris Walken, Harvey Keitel, The late Carol O'Conners (Archie Bunker) and Danny Aiello to name a few. Aaron "Green-street" Braunstein (Sidney Green-street, Casablanca) is back baby! Here's an interview with Aaron and Abel.
"Rolling Thunder Pro., Inc. purchase of Boxing Digest has made Mr. Braunstein a 'Major Media Player'...Also, with his purchase Thursday Night of 2 more National Radio Stations, the Smart Money is saying that Rolling Thunder Pro. is a logical candidate for an IPO." - Last week's Wall Street Journal's TV Show "Heard On The Street"
Aaron Braunstein CEO of Rolling Thunder Pro., Inc., celebrating it's 15th consecutive year on the Nationwide TV Mon.-Friday in NY, LA , Miami & Brooklyn, has purchased BOXING DIGEST which had it's 52 year old Anniversary, Boxing Digest is distributed to all 50 States . Boxing Digest can be bought in 176 Countries. Additionally, Rolling Thunder Productions has acquired WTBQ RADIO INC. Call Letters 1110 & 99.1 FM
Aaron with Tommy "The Hitman" Hearns & Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini

Aaron was quoted in the NY Daily News on the recent Miguel Cotto fight, saying: "The referee lost control of the fight. This is a tragedy to boxing. It looked like the Three Stooges."
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March 2010
Aaron has purchased HAPOEL HOLON, the oldest basketball team in Israel. More info to come.
Aaron on Rush & Molloy: July 12, 2009
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Time Out New York: Aaron Braunstein is a New York Radio Institution, who has just completed his 3000th Consecutive Radio Show. We are talking Guinness Book of World Records.

Aaron Braunstein's Shows consist of Sports, Politics, Films, Music,Theater, Car Racing, Religion's, & Kabbalahwith Madonna's & Mick Jagger's Kabbalah Rabbi - Rabbi Yehuda Berg. ; Aaron Braunstein's other radio shows: WTBQ Thrice a day:1- BRAUNSTEIN FROM THE TUB℠: 6:45am- 7:45am; on WTBQ 1110 on the AM Dial & 99.1 on The FM Dial, also www.wtbq.com Number two: 6-7PM Monday-Friday, Aaron Braunstein has 'PUNCHLINE℠'. Number 3 ;'WISEGUYS, BLACKGUYS, & RABBIS℠' Midnight to 5AM Monday- Friday, on WOR; which is nationally syndicated to (288 stations).
Attention Attention: New Yawk New Yawk, The Best Yak in Town, can be heard on WINS-1010. Aaron Braunstein - "New Yorkers attention spans, have deteriorated to 45 seconds from a NEW YORK MINUTE." Aaron will tell the world every hour on the hour about happenings in NEW YORK in 45 Seconds.
Hall of fame legendary boxing promoter Will promote


Braunstein says: "The Israeli's & Palestinian's are better off punching each other in 10oz. gloves than shooting each other."
From 6 -7 pm WTBQ 1110 on the AM dial everyday
New Joey Reynolds w/Aaron, LISTEN
Aaron the Author - CLICK HERE to read
Aaron is going to be inducted into the The National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. More info to come.
FIGHTS IN ISRAEL, BERLIN, & CHINA - more info to come
Aaron will change boxing! Being Secretary General of the WPBF-USBC, Aaron picks top 10 & the champs of the 17 different weight classes -"The Fling in Beijing" Aaron will be promoting the first boxing match in the 6000 years of China approved by the government
Aaron, Lou Dibella and Eddie Goldman on Joey Reynolds Show on Monday night to Tuesday morning (5/4 - 5/5), check out No Holds Barred for more info
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Aaron's buying a radio station?
Star Magazine April 2, 2007 - Britney and Jolie with their babies on the cover Page 12 big story entitled "Meet the Parents"

When boxing promoter and radio personality Aaron Braunstein was at Jerusalem's famous Western Wall where Leonardo Di Caprio was touring, with his girlfriend Israeli Super model Bar Refaeli, Leonardo is a good friend of Aaron's daughter Natasha Lyonne. Leonardo asked Aaron "WHAT DOES IT MEAN MEETING THE PARENTS?" I told him that in Israel, meeting a girl's parents is considered a big deal and isn't to be taken lightly. Then I asked if he was planning on getting married, and Leo told me, "That usually comes next!"
Grab your official NY Shock Jock shirts and hats, contact Aaron and let him know you want some clothes!
Find out more about the BRAWL AT THE WALL in Israel
Contact Operations Director: Nicole Trau
Check out other news on Aaron at Google News
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Time Warner Cable NYC Channel 35, Fridays @ 6PM
Dr. HIP tries to discover the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH
BRAUNSTEIN FROM THE TUB every morning at 7:45AM to 8:50AM on WTBQ Please send in your rubber duckies so I can concentrate.
Aaron Braunstein has been asked to be a regular guest on Monday and Thursday nights on The Joey Reynolds Show WOR 710 AM
Congratulations Aaron on becoming the president of the Schutzhund club. Schutzhund is German for "Commando Dog". Aaron was the first person in New York to import Schutzhund from Europe in 1971
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Eddie Goldman - An Out-of-This World Weekend
Rush and Molloy talking about Aaron
Aaron Braunstein has been asked to be a regular guest on Monday and Thursday nights on The Joey Reynolds Show WOR 710 AM

10. Aaron has better hair than Howard (and it's real)

9. He has a faster car than Howard (Viper, 632 horsepower)

8. Aaron is a Fighter: Howard is a pansy.

7. Aaron's Daughter is a "Damn Good Actress" Natasha Lyonne/ Howard Stern's daughter is damn ashamed her dad is an over aged hippy who still makes toilet jokes.

6. Aaron is beloved by all who know him, even people who've fought him in the ring/ Howard - by his own admission - has never been able to get along with his own producers, stations or networks.

5. Howard needs an entourage of toadies to make it through a morning show/ Aaron goes it alone.

4. No One has EVER called Howard Stern "The Jewish Jerry Garcia"/ Aaron Braunstein hears it five times a week

3. Howard is the name of a Duck and a loser who lost the Democratic Nomination/ Aaron is the name of a tough guy who killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

2. Howard Stern Stories have been just about burned out in the media/ Aaron just got a write up in Timeout New York magazine which said that after 2000 consecutive radio shows, Braunstein has "become an institution", speaking with equal aplomb on "Sports, cabala, politics and almost everything else!"

1. And the NUMBER ONE reason Aaron Braunstein would do a better show than Howard Stern:

...His mother says he needs a real Job