Aaron was quoted in the NY Daily News on the recent Miguel Cotto fight, saying: "The referee lost control of the fight. This is a tragedy to boxing. It looked like the Three Stooges."
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March 2010
Aaron has purchased HAPOEL HOLON, the oldest basketball team in Israel. More info to come.

Aaron on Rush & Molloy: July 12, 2009
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Time Out New York: Aaron Braunstein is a New York Radio Institution, who has just completed his 3000th Consecutive Radio Show. We are talking Guiness Book of World Records.

Aaron Braunstein's Shows consist of Sports, Politics, Films, Music,Theater, Car Racing, Religion's, & Kabbalahwith Madonna's & Mick Jagger's Kabbalah Rabbi - Rabbi Yehuda Berg. ; Aaron Braunstein's other radio shows: WTBQ Thrice a day:1- BRAUNSTEIN FROM THE TUB℠: 6:45am- 7:45am; on WTBQ 1110 on the AM Dial & 99.1 on The FM Dial, also www.wtbq.com Number two: 6-7PM Monday-Friday, Aaron Braunstein has 'PUNCHLINE℠'. Number 3 ;'WISEGUYS, BLACKGUYS, & RABBIS℠' Midnight to 5AM Monday- Friday, on WOR; which is nationally syndicated to (288 stations).

Attention Attention: New Yawk New Yawk, The Best Yak in Town, can be heard on WINS-1010. Aaron Braunstein - "New Yorkers attention spans, have deteriorated to 45 seconds from a NEW YORK MINUTE." Aaron will tell the world every hour on the hour about happenings in NEW YORK in 45 Seconds.
Hall of fame legendary boxing promoter Will promote


Braunstein says: "The Israeli's & Palestinian's are better off punching each other in 10oz. gloves the shooting each other."

From 6 -7 pm WTBQ 1110 on the AM dial everyday
Check out the lastest news on Aaron at Google News
Aaron Slams Gawker.com

Broadway After Dark by Ward Morehouse
Dec. 12th 2004

Lowdown by Lloyd Grove
Feb. 2nd, 2004

Chloe Sevigny's mouse problem seems to have escalated.
First, after Lowdown's exclusive Friday report on the rodent invasion at Sevigny's luxury Union Square co-op, a camera crew from the tabloid television show "Celebrity Justice" showed up in front of the 200-plus-unit building where the indie movie siren sublets a 20th-floor studio from fellow actress Natasha Lyonne.
Then Lyonne's father, a boxing promoter and radio and public-access television personality named Aaron Braunstein, seized an opportunity for free publicity, and offered Sevigny his rodent-free penthouse on the upper West Side.
"Mike Tyson gave me the apartment - I'm good friends with Mike," Braunstein told Lowdown.
"It's the most beautiful apartment on the upper West Side," he said. "It has an unobstructed view of the Hudson, Central Park and downtown Manhattan. I wear my sunglasses all day long because there's too much sun in this apartment.
"I figured, why not offer it? My daughter's apartment is really small. We have a lot of artists hanging around, anyway."
Sevigny, 29, is free to move in any time. The only catch is that the fiftysomething Braunstein (who's married to jewelry designer Nicole Trau) is planning to stay, too.

Nov. 6th, 2003

New York radio institution Aaron Braunstein recently passed his 2,000th show. New Yawk, New Yawk is his most recent invention, and it regularly features guests from the NYC theater scene, as well as lots of gossip and a Kabbalah segment

Rush & Molloy
August 3rd, 2003

Dribblers at Chelsea Piers' Basketball City stopped dead in their tracks on Thursday night when New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing stepped onto the court for a little one-on-one with fellow Georgetown alum Alonzo Mourning. Despite sitting out the entire 2002-03 season with the Miami Heat because of kidney disease, Mourning showed that he might be worth the $22 million the New Jersey Nets are paying him.

     "Zo looked fantastic," a spy tells us.

Mourning worked out a few days earlier at the Reebok Sports Center - where he went made it clear he thinks Kobe Bryant deserves a fair hearing on sex assault charges. WSNR radio host Aaron Braunstein tells us that when he invited him on his show, Mourning "blasted me for saying Kobe's a liar. So I said, 'Screw you.'" We'll presume that Zo won't be a guest.

Rush & Molloy
May 19th, 2003

Don't trash Antonio Banderas in front of Melanie Griffith - or else be prepared to duck.

That's what radio personality Aaron Braunstein learned last week when he approached the actress,

who'll soon take the lead in "Chicago," at Sardi's.

"I told her her husband is too pretty," Braunstein said. "I told her the reason his boxing movie

"Play It to the Bone" didn't make it big is because he looks like a girl from Bensonhurst.

"I told her, if she wants a real man, to come to me."
Perhaps inspired by the movie, Griffith lashed out at the WSNR radio host with a right hook.

But she didn't connect because, the supermacho Braunstein admits, "I ducked."

"She was mad. I didn't mean to get her mad. She's so gorgeous, I love her," Braunstein said.

Griffith did not return a call for comment.

Rush & Molloy
December 27th, 2002

Off the air

THERE MAY be life after Howard Stern for Jackie (The Joke Man) Martling. Sporting News radio host Aaron Braunstein says he and Stern's former head writer have talked about doing a show together

Page 6 (also on pagesix.com)
December 26th, 2002

We hear...

THAT pro wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will be on "Wise Guys, Black Guys and Rabbis" - hosted by Aaron Braunstein on 620 AM tonight at midnight - with his first interview since getting out of jail for beating his wife...

Showdown News Wire
December 26th, 2002

Steve Austin sounded to be in great spirits during this interview and came off like a pro. The host, Aaron Braunstein, www.nyshockjock.com is a boxing enthusiast, so he was getting a brief overview of wrestling from Austin. All in all a great plug for Austin's Brooklyn, NY appearance, with nothing major covered (return date, etc). -Looking forward to getting out of Texas and going to Brooklyn -Austin says he's in the best shape of his life, because of his hiatus. -Talks about his workout routine, one body part per day. Cutting out the beer high in carbs -He is a big fight fan, and has tons of respect for boxers. He hits the speed bag and heavy bag. He gets his cardio from being in the ring, nothing like being in ring shape. -Talk turns to Mike Tyson, and Austin gives Tyson credit for helping out his career. He said Mike was a pleasure to do business with. -Austin believes that age plays a part in feeling the effects of the wrestling business, Austin says that he is 38 years old, and it was allot easier to go up and down the road when he was in his late 20's -Austin is trying to live allot better. He hasn't been doing allot in the last few months and is looking forward to doing the autograph signing at hits and hoops in Brooklyn, Sunday December 29th from 11am-1pm

Rush & Molloy
June 9th, 2002

Off the air

WNSW-AM has fired Aaron Braunstein for "Arab bashing".

The outspoken, ponytailed host of the morning show admitted to us that he called Saudi "Prince Alwaleed bin Talal a pimp.  Who is he to tell the President how to cut up Israel?  How dare he insult Mayor Giuliani?"

"I said it on Monday," Braunstein related, "and they called me in on Tuesday and said I was fired."
Bin Talal is the potentate who handed Giuliani a $10 million check for 9/11 relief - only to have Rudy hand it back to him after he criticized American policy.  Braunstein, a Mayor Bloomberg supporter who is also the father of actress Natasha Lyonne, says he called the prince a pimp because "the Saudis are financing the Taliban."

WNSW's general manager was not available for comment.

Page 6 (also on pagesix.com)
March 19, 2002

We hear...

THAT Aaron Braunstein, the fast-talking father of Natasha Lyonne, is teaming up with Jaid Barrymore, the perpetually youthful mom of Drew, for  Monday night chatfest on 103.1 FM...

Marc Lichtenfeld
March 10, 2002

Through the Ropes: Aaron Braunstein

Boxing has always had its share of colorful characters. Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey, and Tex Rickard are a few from the old days. In modern times we've enjoyed (and endured) the antics of Don King, Nasseem Hamed, and of course Muhammad Ali.

If he has his way, Aaron Braunstein will be the next name that will undoubtedly make boxing fans raise their eyebrows.

Feb 21-28, 2002

Wise Guys, Black Guys and Rabbis
WJUX-FM 103.1
Mondays 3-4 PM, Wednesdays 10-11 PM

As the title of boxing promoter, former race-car driver and all-around bon vivant Aaron Braunstein's show implies, you get a little of everything during this wild, comic hour of talk radio. Past guests on the program include criminal attorney Benjamin Brafman, Frank Sinatra Jr., Sopranos star Dominic Chianese, Olympic swimmer Lenny Krayzelburg and loads of Braunstein's friends from the boxing world.

Call in to the show at 1-800-585-1031.

Rush & Molloy,
February 25, 2002

Our vote for ringmaster

Radio personality Aaron Braunstein, who's up for New York state boxing commissioner, is a ponytailed pundit who brings together characters of every race and creed on his Monday-night radio show, Wiseguys, Black Guys and Rabbis, on WJUX (103.1). He has 30 years' experience as a boxing promoter, and says he'd never let a fighter get hurt like Beethavean Scottland got hurt on the Intrepid." (The super-center-weight died last July 2nd of injuries sustained when he was knocked out six days earlier in a bout with George Khalid Jones.) He's independently wealthy, having cornered the market on denim in the sixties. He happens to be the father of actress Natasha Lyonne. And we weren't alone in calling him the consummate New Yorker recently.

"Sinatra called me that," said Braunstein."Junior."

Rush & Molloy
March 11, 2001

JAMES GANDOLFINI hung with fellow Sopranos cast member Dan Grimaldi at the Mercer Kitchen Thursday night.Grimaldi, who plays twins Patsy and Philly Parisi, came over the WPAT host Aaron Braunstein after doing his radio show. Asked which of Gandolfini's movies he liked best, Braunstein said it was the snuff-film thriller 8MM. Said Gandolfini: "You're a wild bastard."...