Aaron Braunstein is an Independent Democratic Candidate for City Council for the 6th District of Manhattan. A proud New Yorker through-and-through, Braunstein is a loving husband and the proud father of his 5 children, and his 7 grandchildren. A community leader, pugilist, friend and supporter of many causes and all religions, he has distinguished himself in many noteworthy ways. Though his unique works he has strengthened the organizations and individuals he has interacted with, and through his wit and gift of communication has brought both joy and insight to those who have encountered him.

For Over 2 Decades Braunstein has had his own radio and TV shows. Prior to this, he led - and continues to lead - a successful career in the world of international sports. He has managed fighters and promoted numerous boxing matches in Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City, as well as the first world title fight in Israel's history as sanctioned by the World Boxing Commission (WBC). Additionally, Braunstein, along with former Israeli President Chaim Herzog, is credit with developing the Israel Professional Boxing Association.

In entertainment, Braunstein has promoted concerts by jazz legend Miles Davis, Julio Iglesias and Aaron Neville. He made several movie and television appearances, including roles in Taking Off, Born To Win, and the CBS series Sweating Bullets with Lawrecne Taylor. Braunstein also holds close ties to the industry as the father of celebrated actress Natasha Lyonne. Braunstein received his MBA from The Wharton School of Business at the Univeristy of Pennsylvania and his Bachelor of Arts in Economis from Brooklyn College. He is the Honorary Vice President of the West Side Institutional Synagogue and even saved the building from the wrecking ball.

"I am the People's candidate". Aaron Braunstein is a 5th Generation New Yorker, taught by his dad (Col. Jerome Braunstein combat pilot) to "always accomplish the mission". Running his first time for the open Councilperson seat of The 6th District, Aaron is taking no money from "Corporate America", NYC Board of Finance that offers 6-1 backing for money raised by a candidate. " I am beholding to my Constituents only". Unlike the 7 candidates running, I pledge to be in The 6th Council Office on 87th & Amsterdam Ave from 9AM- 9PM every day. There is no such thing as a small problem or a large one. My constituents will never hear the words that I have heard for 22 years: 'Sorry Councilperson is in a meeting, one of my assistants or interns will listen to your complaint'. I pledge : No meetings! No Interns ! Only me.''

Aaron has lived in the Upper West Side of Manhattan for 22 years, and continues to contribute to the rich fabric of New York City. Vote for Aaron Braunstein on the Democratic ballot September 10th!