Accelerated Glove Conditioning (AGC) gives baseball and softball players at all levels a huge advantage by dramatically increasing the playability and performance of any new glove regardless of manufacture.

"There has never been anything like this ever before...now you can choose to make your new glove playable in days, not weeks or months.  Any old glove will benefit from this conditioning and reshaping process. What are you waiting for, now is the time!"

Developed and refined over many years the AGC method for natural glove conditioning provides fast reliable results that have been proven by athletes at all levels throughout the U.S. The well defined proprietary methods invented by AGC deliver all natural accelerated glove conditioning that provide players with a full range flexibility in the catching area of the glove while maintaining overall glove integrity, strength and durability. For young and older players this process increases self-confidence, attitude and over all performance because the glove is playable and the ball is less likely to pop out.

Other glove conditioning processes rely upon chemicals, high heat, microwave or other time consuming processes that are often harmful to the glove, actually robbing the player of both performance and durability. AGC uses an all natural method for glove conditioning and guarantees improvements in flexibility and performance without comprising durability.

The fees for conditioning new equipment are as follows:

$25.00 - Fielders Glove
$35.00 - First Base Mitt
$45.00 - Catchers Mitt
Used gloves/mitts in reasonable condition start at $15.00.

There is a 3 day turnaround, does not include delivery time. If you are not able to deliver and/or pick up your property from the Greenwich, Connecticut area there are inexpensive shipping options we can discuss.

*Ask about quicker turnaround prices.
**There are other discounts available during certain circumstances.

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