Ways Not To Break In The Glove:

DO NOT put it in the oven, microwave, a bucket of water, clothes dryer, run it over with the car, or coat it with oil. All those processes will ruin the equipment by breaking down the leather over time. A natural process that creates flexibility is always the best.

Selecting The Proper Size Glove:

It is very important when selecting equipment to get the right fit.  A portion of your palm should be sticking out of the bottom of the glove. If your hand goes inside, past your wrist it is at least two seasons too big.  Even after AGC Conditioning, most players will not be strong enough to open or close a glove that size, let alone get it into position to make a play.  

Cold Weather:

Is an enemy to your leather glove!  A cold glove takes a long time to warm up and become playable. During those seasons of the year your glove needs to kept in a warm place.

Reshaping Equipment:

In general, the majority of player’s equipment is flat with a crease in the pocket or not conditioned correctly, both leave the glove unplayable. This is turn only allows the player to use 30% of the glove to make a play. Instead of being open, the player has to open the glove up in order to catch the ball. Most time the ball is dropped or bounces out of the glove.

Care Of The Glove After AGC Conditioning Or Reshaping:

During a game when your fielders or first base glove is not in use, place it palm down in your bat bag not on its side. Conversely, a catcher’s mitt should be placed on its side. At all times when not using your equipment, place a ball in the pocket with a glove band wrapped around it.

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